1983-1984 Ann Arbor, Michigan

3-D JESUS was interviewed sometime in May 1983 at the Truthhouse.
Ace reporter "Batman" captures this and more while bored.
J.B. - Vocals
Wes - guitar
Aaron - drums
Jeff - bass

batman - What type of music do you play?
wes - speed rock!
batman - Yea..I think if you had any energy you could play 3 times as fast.
aaron - no doubt! bonghits sort of put a buffer on playing.
wes - here, do a bonghit.
aaron - what i like is rum.
batman - no way! you guys are derelict!
wes - does j.b. need a bonghit?
batman - "so this is howard blowsell interviewing 3-d jesus at the sports arena.
batman - "can everyone give me a rundown on some of the other bansd you have been in"
wes - the service, t.m.s.
jeff - well i was in t.m.s. .. but i dont think that was major
batman - i seen you guys(t.m.s.) at xanadu. It was major rocking!
j.b. - i played the bassoon in 7th grade.
batman - dig it! dig it! what about the drummer?
aaron - oh.. just the truth and 3d -jesus (not exactly true. aaron was an early member of the State)
batman - lets see.. the truth, service, tms, the bassoon player.
j.b. - dont forget "the ets" our name use to be "the porncrabs"
batman - well thats good. i'm sure no body will be interested in that.
j.b. - that as just for our first show.
batman - im glad you changed it. do you think you guys have improved since your last bands
batman - or it just more of a change in music from your last bands?
jeff - yea I have. because more was expected from me by the band and by myself as a bass player.
batman - you mean more serious
jeff - much more serious
wes - yea...you can be serious and still have fun.
batman - is the music still just.. is it... is it that.... are you into the music as fun music?
batman - or are you into cosmic messages?
j.b. - oh! its a total religous experience!
wes - i cum every time we play.
j.b. - and jeff *is* the new messiah!
jeff - lets cut all this religous bullshit out!
wes - people! qut kissing on jeff's boots!
batman - well you know, some people are into a band to be zany and fun.
batman - are you guys into it for a message?
wes - no. its a fun band.
jeff - i dont think there is any special message
aaron - there is a certain social awareness to our lyrics.
batman - it is more toward the A2 crowd?
aaron - it sounds a little like detroit rock
jeff - we even have some fans in ypsi!
wes - yes! four fans!
batman - hey! you guys are going to be "hollywood" soon.
batman - do you like to play fast?
jeff - yes. as fast as possible and still be tight.
aaron - i get lots of energy off of it.
j.b. - i think its the most significant music since the beatles.
batman - big question here. you guys are a little older than most hardcore bands in Ann Arbor.
batman - so that kind of well... makes ahhhh.....
jeff - spit it out!
j.b. - whats the question? How did you get to be interviewer?
batman - so is your music any different from other hardcore bands?
batman - i guess that is what i am trying to say.
aaron - well, our songs are our songs. nobody else would want to do them! unless they are desperate.
batman - how are the crowds at the shows?
batman - do people get into it or do they just stand around and jerk off?
wes - the halfass (Halfway Inn) gigs were hot!
batman - is this the most professional interview you guys have had?
j.b. - this is with out a doubt the most professional interview i have ever had.
j.b. - i think we have expressed our viewpoints to the best of our ability.
batman - do you guys skate? to cause trouble?
wes - im into it. i skate a lot and a lot of our friends skate.
batman - so you are not a skate band. good i hate trendy skate bands.
batman - well.. ive never met you guys before. you like like some really swell guys.
batman - you are pretty and everything. I would like to know who plays what in this band.
batman - you! sir.. whats your name, ugly?
j.b. - my name is "chuck roast" and I get high.
batman - get high? thats good. and you wes, what is your name and what do you do?
wes - i dont do anything but skate
batman - thats good. we got a "get high" and a "do nothing".
batman - you! the one who looks like he should be in jail. whats your name?
jeff - my name is jeffrey w hadley.
batman - what do you do in this band or are you a bum?
jeff - i have this image of a bass player
batman - this interview is slowing down. i have got 3 of you who have told me how dumb you are
batman - i need a fourth.
aaron - what do you want to know?
batman - who are you and what do you play?
aaron - could you repeat the question?
batman - give me a brief something about the band that the general public would not know.
batman - like.. do you have any Batman comics or important stuff like that?
batman - we are wasting tape!!
wes - i stole the tape, so it doesn't matter
batman - so what you are saying is that you are derelict band. you steal shit and stuff.
aaron - no. we are hot!
wes - yes! we rule
j.b. - i think we compare to harry bellafonte
wes - no, sean said that we sound like heavy machinary grinding together, hence the detroit sound.
batman - thats good! NOW we are getting somewhere.

[As appeared in "local CHAOS" issue #3 1983]

3D JESUS at the Oxford Ramp - summer 1983

"ramp song" - "fed up with the FEDS" - "general" - "i hate the world" - "phil donahue show" - "my car sucks" - "death" - "paranoid schiz" - "taking a shit on company time" - "what are you gonna do?" - "what you get is what you take"