Ok, so here are the covers for all the issues of "Local CHAOS" with brief descriptions of what was inside. Now, Local CHAOS was not the only 'zine at that time in the Ann Arbor area. "Isolated Rat Hearts", "RCS Boredom", "A2 Skate News" and "A2 Review" were examples of what was being done. In time we will bring the covers and artwork of these other 'zines.

Issue #1 Dismissle interview,Show review from the Statehouse March 1st 1983 GOC, Variables,3D Jesus, The State.

Issue #2 Ground Zero Interview, Show review State, GOC, Dismissle, Capital Punishment, Skate Ramp benefit, Halfway Inn. Variables, 3D Jesus, Lunatics and Dismissle, Local Skate action.

Issue #3 3D Jesus interview, Sudden Death Interview, Show reviews: Statehouse - Ground Zero, Sudden Death, 3D Jesus, GOC - Hadley Estates party - Variables, 3D Jesus, Special Guest, GOC, Dismissle, State, The Grind, Sudden Death and Ground Zero. Local news,JFA show at Joe's. Record reviews by Stephanie. cover art by Jeff Martin

Issue #4 "How we Spent our Summer Vacation" Lansing Ramp action, Local Chaos Poster #1,Burns park Wading pool contest Local skate action, In Memory of Chaos Ramp R.I.P Summer 1983.

Issue #5 "Death Skate to Detroit", Caballero's Ramp Action, Farmer's Market Ramp action Skate Rag section

Issue #6 The Winter issue - 1983-84 Street Skating in the Winter, Letter and Pix from Tommy Hartwell in Cali, Grand Rapids action by Chris Ide, Indoor Ramp Action

Issue #7 (new logo by Marc Conahan - Bodyslam 'zine) Scene Reports,Kona skatepark action,Story by Jerm,Art by Jeff Martin,Ward Wade cartoon

Issue #8 Skate Rag section, Oxford ramp action, Hadley's Ramp is being Built! (first skate photos),Letter and pix from Chuck Treese,Del Mar story and pix by Todd Philips, Kalamazoo Ramp action, Lansing Ramp action (Dennis, Greg and Monty)

Issue #8 1/2 The "Economy Issue" cartoons and photos only. Very badly xeroxed/copied

Issue #10 HUGE Letters section,Flint Ramp in a Barn (Davison),Wayne St University session (metal sculpture, banked fountain)

Issue #11, Flint Action, Airs section, Chaos Quarter "revisited", Local skate action,P.V.C. music/skate action, Old ramp pictures

Issue #12 "Ultra Style" issue, Skaters in the News,The Street Lives!,Gibralter bank action, Launch ramp pictures