So... Curtis .. the guy in the picture below...

...sends me an email with the offer for some pictures of a session that took place at Hadley's Ramp. Judging from the looks of the ramp I am guessing this would have been around 1985.

Doubles can always be both fun and hectic. *grin*
Below we have Bob Riney coming down over battered coping.

Brad watches Tony's "light footed" cat like style.

Curtis comes up for a frontside grind. Poacher looks on while Wes stares at the tree.

Eric "poacher" Hill twist up this layback air.

Hadley gets shaved by Curtis. *laugh*

As sketchy as it may look .. Brad did make these one footed frontside airs. This image appeared on the cover of "RCS Boredom" issue #1, 1985

Eric Gray screams a frontside air back in the day.

Thanks again to Curtis Settino for sharing the memory.