Stephanie - Guitar
Jamie - Vocals
Eric - Bass
Alex - Drums

Interviewed by Wes and Jeff Hadley after their first gig at the Statehouse sometime early 1983

wes - Why Dismissle? Who came up with the name?
steph - I did, because these guys are to dumb to come up with a name
wes - How long have you been together?
jamie - Oh .. about 2 weeks
wes - Really! who writes the songs?
jamie - Me and Eric
wes - Yea.. you got some good tunes. So... why are all the good bands so young?
steph - Because being young, our minds aren't polluted with bullshit like other bands
wes - Yes! the pure mind! What are your songs about?
jamie - Well. .one is called "Hardcore Bomb Dude". Its about her (points at steph) ex boyfriend
jamie - We also have a song called "One simple solution"
wes - Oh yea.. whats the simple solution?
everybody - EXTERMINATE!!
steph - We also have this song called "Bedside Manner". but we dont have any words for it
steph - Its about an old friend of ours
jeff - Do you write about specific things or just when something pops into your head?
jamie - Pretty much spur of the moment
jeff - really...
jamie - Yea! .. that is how we wrote "Hardcore Bomb Dude". We just sit around at practice
jamie - and Eric will say.. "say this" and we do and it works
wes - When are you going to record?

*burst of laughter erupts for the band*

wes - So anyway.. what the fuck? DO you have anything to say?
jamie - Yea.. society blows..
wes - Yea.. I know....


"Family Outting"
this is a family outting
after the nuclear routing
to avoid the screaming and shouting
were going on a family outting!

Fried intestines, glowing brains
were just here to feel your pains
now we all glow in the dark
now we make and easy mark

the kremlin got a little bitchy
reagan's finger got a little itchy
now the commies are mutated
we're just a little frustrated

"Hardcore Bomb Dude"
your a narrow minded fuckface
you are always out of place
its your negative attitude
that makes you a hardcorebombdude

"One Simple Solution"
you give me your words of wise
i can tel by your face they are all lies
cant take our variety
lost in systems society

you give us your values!
you give us your rules!
you tell us we are unclouth!
but you have lost your youth!

one simple solution


This interview appeared in "Local CHAOS" 'zine issue number #1 (1983)

DISMISSLE plays at the Hadley Estate summer of 1983

photo from the collection of Alice Royston