Jim/Vocals - Jon/Bass - Craig/Guitar - Trevor/Drums

This interview was done at the Statehouse sometime in early 1983
Present were Alice, Adria, Wes, Art, Karen, Chris and Stephanie

karen - what are you doing?
wes - we are doing a ground zero interview
alice - WHAT?!? the tape recorder is on? I'll ask the first question..
alice - what do you like on your pizza?
wes - man... you ask that question to much
alice - its my favorite question!

DASH! SMASH! the cat fucks up .....( some kitty that lived in the house went running through the room ..spilling several left over/half drank beer cans that were scattered around )

wes - where's trevor.. asleep?
jim - trevor's always sleeping
craig - they were tripping till 8am this morning
wes - so when are you going to play live again?
jim - as soon as i get out of the fucking hospital
wes - you are not suppose to be out now?
jim - no. but i've been out for a few days
craig - you see.. that's fred our car driver
jim - no! I'm jamie lewis! ..  even have ID
steph - well.. you are singing for us.. no wait.. we broke up
alice - you did!?
wes - you better not have!
steph - we are having problems.. but this isn't a Dismissle interview
alice - sure it is!
wes - what's the deal?
craig - it turns out that eric is gay
jim - and jamie is having an affair with a cat
steph - well... we are getting kicked out of our practice space
steph - and we have no equipment anyway
craig - its cause steves a fag! you're a fag steve! i hope you are reading this!
jon - don't listen to him. he's crazy
steph - so what are your favorite bands?
jim - stanley clark!
craig - no seriously.  minor threat
steph - do you like black flag?
craig - they are cool
steph - what made you decide to have a band?
craig - we were in a band. then this fag chris decides to quit
chris - you guys couldn't play fast enough!
wes - you mean ... the plague?
craig - yea.. me and trevor got a band then jon came up and said
craig - guess what? I'm in your band
jim - and trevor couldn't sing and play drums at the same time
jim - so i was singing along that couch and steve that little shithead says
jim - "hey! you know all the words"... but I didn't.. so i sang anyway
jim - then we got real drunk in the arb and i got a real raspy voice
wes - then there was one hit after another
steph - so what ever happened to kay?
jim - we sent her out to pasture and haven't went to get her yet
craig - trevor didn't want to kick her out cuz he was going out with her
alice - oh yea!
adria - whats your favorite kind of farts?
jim - i like blueberry ones
jon - not tarts! .. farts!
alice - you should ask us questions
craig - why are you interviewing us?

[this interview was originally publish in "Local CHAOS" issue #2]

download MP3s NOW! These are from Ground Zero's "unreleased" demo they did back in 1984

american dream fuck face give the finger herpes is forever i'm wierd kill for fun live a lie officer willard sick in bed society's prison

Ground Zero at Hadley's during the summer of 1983

the above photos are from the collection of Alice Royston

EXCLUSIVE! GROUND ZERO pictures from when they played in Washington DC back in 1984 - ALL photos in this section are from the archives of Sean Carrol (Isolated RAT Hearts)

AND now its 2005 ...
the original band has started playing again and there is even talk of them going into the studio to record some NEW material

LIVE Ground Zero - Video clips from recent shows

GROUND ZERO "21 Year Reunion" - Recorded LIVE, November 5, 2004 at the Blind Pig - Ann Arbor

"kill for fun" - (20 megs)
"american dream" - (31 megs)
"live a lie" - (19 megs)
"officer willard" - (21 megs)
"sick in bed" - (28 megs)
"society's prison" - (30 megs)
"i hate jocks" - (18 megs)
"i'm weird" - (16 megs)

Video clips recorded at the Blind Pig - Ann Arbor, Michigan on February 26, 2005
fuck face - 5 megs
live a lie - 5 megs
society's prison - 9.4 megs
can't understand it - 4.5 megs
kill for fun - 6.3 megs
officer willard - 6.7 megs
sick in bed - 5.3 megs
i hate jocks - 3.4 megs
herpes is forever - 3.1 megs
ground zero - 3.6 megs
stepping stone - 9 megs

PHOTO GALLERIES from recent shows.
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