Hello, my name is Wes and my friends and I published a 'zine back in the 80's called "local CHAOS". We had a way cool music and skate scene then and that gave us lots to write about. We wrote about our "skate missions", published letters and "scene reports" that skaters sent in , did some music reviews, skater art, skate spots, contests and sessions. Stuff like that. Anyway... fast forward 20 years and we now have a website based on those same ideas. Pretty much anything is a go here. So check out the flyers, stickers, music, videos , random artifacts and over 600 images in the various gallery sections. Anyone that I skated with in the past... PLEASE drop me a line. Would be cool to hear from you.

You will NEVER find me on "facebook". FUCK facebook and everything it stands for.

Ok, so here are the covers for all the issues of "Local CHAOS" with brief descriptions of whats inside. Click on any of the cover images to be taken to a more detailed page on each issue.

LocalCHAOS, the music zine, was trying to be a reflection of the bands we listened to, hungout with and to report on our local underground music scene. This was all made possible with the help of kids like Stephanie Watches (record reviews), Jamie Lewis, Alice Royston ("A2 Review" editor who got us some free printing), Rob Dahl (photos), Art Tendler (gave us one place to hangout), Lori Bizer (Schoolkids Records, "All Out Attack" on WCBN), Sean Carroll and Jerry Bush (JB) from "Isolated RAT Hearts" for their support. Thanks to all the skins, skaters, punks, mods, bored rich kids, homeless kids, hooligans, runaways, artists, poets and band members who gave us shit for the 'zine.

LocalCHAOS, the skate zine, could have never happened if it were not for all my bros I skated with back in the day. Mike Bush, Tony Custodio, David Tuck(RIP), Jeff Martin, Todd Philipps(RIP), Rick Osbourne, Trevor Staples, Martin Friedman(RIP), Adam Graham, Lee Jackson, Tommy Hartwell, Derick and Davy Robbins, Mark Hildinger, Rob Dahl(RIP), Ken Nelson, Chris Becker, Kip Griffin, Jon Wright, Kevin Ryberg(RIP), Marc Conahan (Body Slam 'zine), Poacher, Phil (cool roller skater dude), Mint, Al Carter(RIP)(Rebel Ramp - Georgetown, S.C.), Rick Tertel, Kyle MacDonald, Andy MacDonald and my very special bro of bros...Jeff Hadley(RIP) - Keeper of our Vert Ramp and provider of MANY MANY very cool memories. To you Jeff, I raise my 40 and toast.

LocalCHAOS, the web site, could not be possible without the support of all the folks who have contributed to the archive, participated in the forums, sent off emails or signed the guestbook. Many people graciously opened up their collections of stuff for all to see on these pages. Special thanks to Sean Agopian, David Bourne, Hiawatha Bailey, Jamie Brunette, Jerry Bush (JB), Al Carter, Sean Carroll(Isolated RAT Hearts), Jim Clarkson, Tim Cline(Cliney), Ward Cramer, Tony Custodio, Chuck Damage, Chris Day, Bill Fate, Nina Eggers, Laurie Feldt, "Big" Al Gardner, Jeff Hadley, Doug Jones, Jeff Martin, Andy MacDonald, Kyle MacDdonald, Rod MacDonald, Josh Mancell, Jeannie Norton, Jenny Nowak, Todd Philips, Alice Royston, Curtis Settino, Pat Shutte, Trevor Staples, Rick Tertel, Dave Tuck, Garold Vallie, Steve Watson, Skot Werner, Jon Wright, Yerboy ... I know I'm forgetting some names. Please dont hate me if I have forgot ya. My mind isn't what it use to be.

There were many people who supported the mag and skated our ramps. Northville Crew, the Taylor Boys (Al, Jeff and others), Toledo Posse(Rick, Terry, Scott, Onion, Dana), Flint Punks/Freek Bros (Hey Frank!? where the FUCK are you these days?), Delphos Crew (Ed, Todd), Endless Summer Guys and countless other locals, non-locals, and special guests. Pro skaters Monty Nolder, Reese Simpson, Jimmy Murphy and Ben Schroeder took time out from a busy tour schedule to rip with us at my ramp in the barn on Joy Rd. JFA (Jodie Foster's Army) skated with us every time they came to town. You guys were always cool to me.
- 2003