jeff martin. during the 80's, besides being a RIPPIN' skater and screamer did lots of artwork/drawings for "local CHAOS". He also did his own 'zine "skateboard action" and contributed a drawing that ended up being the logo for "Statement Records".

This would be the first of two covers Jeff did for "local CHAOS". This is from issue #3. It pretty much reflected the attitude of the day. Ann Arbor cops hated us skaters and would hassle us all the time.

Jeff did the back cover of issue #5 using several images along with "local CHAOS" stickers. Dig Jeff's surreal 3D effect.

This is the cover of the final issue, #12. The "ultra style" was due to being ALL we talked about. Style. Jeff drew the skater in a very exaggerated position to reflect as much "style" as possible.

Not sure where he got the inspiration for this piece but I've always liked it.

skulls are a part of "skate art". Jeff did many. Here are two.

What can you say?