ok folks.. here is the start of the LC "modern skate gallery". All these imagess were taken within the last year.

dave tuck flies at trinidad

dave again.. on home turf

wes - first grind in 10 years. mason

ward cramer frontsides that *killer* fullpipe in louisville

sam flows the hip at huntington woods

garrett transfers at mason some cat frogs one at mason wes slashes a lansing egg trevor feeling the thrill at vans chris becker "weasles" the lansing pool

more pix soon

wes does the "worlds smallest frontside grind" *LAUGH* skot werner skates with his son - 2003 marty richardson still rips after all these years - Upland jeff rips the full pipe in louisville

ward cramer flows frontside at wilson park in chicago

jake grinds in the deep end at Modern Skate

scott obrien at speed

jay slaps a lappa' in the corner pocket at Vans

jeff seaver pops this frontside at Modern Skate

yerb charges the coping at Modern Skate