This "list" was something I wrote out at some point during the 80s. I'm guessing sometime around 1988. Tony Custodio recently found this in a box that was being stored in his Mom's basement.

Most of the ramps/skate spots on this list I remember. Some I do not.

Ok .. first ramp listed is "Fulmer". That was on the westside on Ann Arbor and was the first half-pipe I rode. I and many other Ann Arbor locals learned to drop in on this ramp.

"Sloan's" sat over off Washtenaw near Oxford. Sloan ripped during the late 70s. His ramp sat unskated for several years before it was torn down.

"Adams" - that would be Adam Graham's ramp that lived over in the 'brook.

"Playland" - Skot Werner's ramp up located in Flint, Michigan. Skating here was one of the first road trips we took as a crew.

"Okemis" - Ok .. how many people reading this remember the half-pipe that sat near a corn field right off I-96? We skated it once .. long after its heyday as the riding surface was FULL of holes.

Dennis was a skater in Lansing who had a couple of ramps in his backyard. We didn't skate there often but we did skate both versions of his ramp.

"Temperence" was that one vert ramp with pool coping on one side. I'm not sure what the "small" one that listed is. Maybe the "booger ramp"?

"Huntington, W Va." - That is the ramp that Time Cline built up in the woods. I skated that with Rick Summerfield.

On one trip I made to Huntington we ended up skating at Chris Carter's ramp in his backyard. I remember some guy there who had brought over some REAL "moonshine". We got fucked up that day.

"Trashmore" - Mount Trashmore, VA Beach, Virginia

"Lynnhaven" - Virginia

"O.C." - Ocean City, Maryland had a real nice vert ramp located at an old 70's skatepark. Tuckman and I rode that ramp.

"Barn Ramp" - This ramp was located near Raleigh, N.Carolina. Tuck and I skated this while on one of our first east coast missions.

"Farm Ramp" - Ahh ... yea .. the infamous ramp that was the scene of MANY hardcore sessions. Also the first ramp that I rode that had an oververt section. Not that I could skate it.. *laugh*. Tuck and I met Morris Wainright there. He was living under the ramp at the time. Both Morris and his brother Bryan shred hard.

"Al's" - This was Al Carter's ramp, "Rebel Ramp" that was located in Georgetown, S. Carolina. Al was at the epicenter of the SC skate scene. We skated both versions of his ramp.

"Davison" - Hmmm... i have 2 ramps listed but I only remember skating one. That would have been the outlaw ramp that was in a barn.

"Kona" - Kona Skatepark located in Jacksonville, Florida

"Paulding" - This ramp was located in a barn in Paulding, Ohio.

"Delphos" - This was the "Dove Ramp" located in Ed Morris' backyard.

"Mishawaka, Ind" - NICE 32' wide ramp that hosted a cool contest.

"Taylor" - The first version was a tight pipe located near my cousin Jeff's house. The second version was a bigger and located in a field at the end of a street.

"Lansing" - I *think* this was ramp that was located in a parking lot. A benefit for the "Michigan School for the Blind".

"Rat Ramp" - I have no clue where this was ... but it looks like there was two versions. Major brain glitch on this one.

"Endless Summer" - We skated this park more AFTER it closed then while it was open.

"Death Wood" - Another brain glitch ... cool name though.

"Trash Ramp" - Duh .. can't remember this one either. *LAUGH*

"MLB's" - This was the tight mini that MLB built in his Mom's garage over off Towner.

"Mark's" - Mark Hildinger built a mini in his backyard. We barged it a few times.

"K-Zoo" - Kzoo Skatezoo?

"Soda Pipe" - This was a small vert ramp located in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

"Holly Ramp" - This was a BMX ramp that hosted a skate contest. One of the rare contest that I entered. I took 5 place in my catagory. *laugh*

"indoor flint ramp" - no clue on this one.

"prospect" - This ramp was located north or Ypsilanti in a pole barn. What was interesting was that the ramp was built next to this antique fire truck. If you wiped out you would sometimes send you board into the truck. Dents were all over the one side by the time we skated it. I guess "Dad" didn't care.

"Skatehouse" - This was the ramp stuffed into the garage behind Skatehouse.

"Columbia, S.C." - Tuck and I hit this ramp up on one of our missions down to see/skate with the "Rebel Ramp" Posse.

"Ramp Ranch" - This was the famous ramp that was located in Atlanta, Ga. We rode it toward the end of its heyday.

"Surf n Turf" - The legendary Wisconsin skatepark that reopened in the mid 80s.

"Hadleys" - Our first vert ramp that was located in Ypsilanti.

"Lamp Post" - This was mine and a few others first pool we ever skated.

"Chatum Village" - Adam Graham had a poolside apartment at this place. The pool cracked, leaking all the water out. At the time there wasn't any money to get it fixed so they complex just drained it. ;-) We got to skate it a whole summer and never shared it with anyone.

"Atlanta" - This was a tight pool that we skated with Blaze Blouin back in the mid 80s. Located at an abandoned apartment complex somewhere near "little five points".

"Fish Bowl" - Secret cement bowl that only Tony C. and I skated.

"The Bowl" - This was that rad drainage ditch thang located in Georgetown, S.C.

"Livonia Ditch" - Cement ditch located behind a school

"City Ramp" - Vet's (Babylon) Ramp located in Ann Arbor's Vet's park.