This is a page of random ramps in no particular order.---wes

This is Hadley's Ramp. The first vert ramp we built. Located in Ypsilanti, Michigan. We learned to skate here. I think this picture was taken around '85.

The was a BMX ramp up around Holly, Michigan that decided to have a skate contest. One of the rare contest that I entered. I got last I think *laugh* But I got to skate/meet a cat named Joe Maneno (sp?) from Florida. He shredded hard! And we did massive bonghits while sitting in my '52 Buick.

This ramp sit in some kids backyard. I dont recall who owned it... but we made a trip to kalamazoo to check it out. This is "Poacher" scraping his tail.

This was Dennis' Ramp in Lansing, Michigan. We made a few trips up there.

We skated this ramp in Temperence, Michigan only one time. Later that week some asshole burned it down.It had real nice pool coping on one side.

What can I say... this was the barn ramp on Joy Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan. Full-on pool coping, nice big decks, stereo system, awesome session every weekend. A lot of skaters called this place "home".

Getting to this ramp was a chore. None of this pull up and hop out and skate shit. Oh no..... there was no way my vehicle at the time would make it up the TRAIL that lead to this ramp. Did I mention it was hidden in the woods on the side of a mountain? Here was how we got there. I met Rick Summerfield there and he had an old VW bug. I rode on the back bumper, for traction, and he drove like a mad man up this ravine. We got only so far.. and had to walk the rest of the way. That ramp set WAY off the road. Its amazing that those guys got wood up there. Located somewhere around Huntington, W. Virginia.

In dire need for something to skate.... Tony and I took his quarter pipe and modified it so that it would work in conjunction with my old pickup truck. This picture was taken around 1985.

Mark Hildinger had this in his backyard for a few months.

The Dude Ramp.