So "Flips" runs into some cat named Rob .. who had these pictures from a session out at Hadley's ramp. I'm guessing Spring 1985 on these.

these first two pictures are of Bob Riney. In the top photo, standing on the deck, from left to right is Dave Tuck (sitting down), MLB, Jeff Martin and Mark Hildinger

"boneless" Brad. on deck is Eric Gray and MLB

These two pictures are of Dave Tuck. He was about 15 y/o at the time

eric gray hurls frontside

left to right is Eric Hill, Bob Riney, Curtis Settino, not sure and sitting down is Rick Obourne

these two pictures are of jeff martin

I *think* this is Trevor. I dont recall to many skaters doing a "layback tailblock"

two pictures of MLB

Eric "poacher" Hill flows in while (left to right) Wes, Brad, unknown and Rick Osbourne hang out on the unfinished deck. NO time to work when we could skate!

no clue at all what I was doing .. or trying to do here. maybe a frontside roll out?