The Sex Pistols were one of my fave bands back in the late 70s. While looking at my album collection today I dug out my 3 copies of "Never mind the Bullocks". Each one is different. The yellow cover version does not include the song "Submission" and it was published by Virgin Records. The hot pink cover versions both include "Submission" but were put out by Warner Bros/Virgin.

The difference in the back covers of the hot pink version is way the song "submission" is listed. One cover is printed .. the other cover is a sticker that was added after being printed.

This is a real BW photo of the band. I have no clue where I scored this at. But I'm guess at some point around '77-78. I found it along with a receipt inside one of the album covers.

I wish the year was written in .. oh well .. my guess is that I bought this in 1978. Anyone who remembers "Wherehouse Records" .. knows that it has been gone for a long time.