Here is my collection of "wood". I do have a few "new" boards, even some still in plastic. But for the most part all my boards have history. I and my friends rode these setups. We skated 'em when they were new.. and after they became a few years old. Nothing was sacred. Even today, I take my '85 Santa Cruz "Duane Peters" out and carve bowls with it. Its still a perfect design and needs to be skated.

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dogtown "bigfoot"

dogtown "PC tail tap"

dogtown "triplane"

dogtown "born again" 1985?

dogtown "red dog" 1987? - well used

santa cruz "ramp street 10" santa cruz "duane peters" powell/peralta "skull and sword" powell peralta "per welinder" zorlac "devilfish"

h-street "ron allen" sims "lonnie toft" santa cruz "duane peters" "possessed to skate"

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more to come

madrid longboard 36"

santa monica airlines longboard 48"

homemade "water ski" longboard

z-products "z-33"