al carter - rebel ramp - georgetown, south carolina
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The first time I met Al was on a mission that Dave Tuck and I took back sometime in the mid 80s. Al and I had exchanged postal mails a few times and he invited us down to skate his ramp. Al published a 'zine back then called "Art of Fallin". I'm not sure how many issues he did....but I still have issue #1.

Al's ramp was known as the "rebel ramp". He and the locals there ripped with a FULL-ON "roots" style. Go fast and grind 'em hard. Reggae music would play all the time and after getting "proper", the session would begin. There is no doubt that we brought the "Rebel Ramp" culture back to Michigan with us as all we skated to after that was reggae music.

Ok .. so Dave and I stop at a gas station in Georgetown, South Carolina, Al's home town, and gave him a call on the phone to let him know we were there. In no time a car load of skaters grinning from ear to ear pull up! Even though it was our first meeting in person, I felt like we were old friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time.

So cool! .. its all good and we head back to Al's place. As soon as we get there a session begins. The best way to get to know people is to skate with 'em. And session we did. All those cats could rip. It was cool. Al's parents, Ray and Peggy. VERY nice folks. Ray kept us in beer and Peggy cooked for us all the time. Southern Hospitality was in FULL effect.

We would spend the heat of the day at Pawley's Island. Always a party going on there. Jumping into the Ocean was an experience! 'especially with the various skate related abrasions that we all had. Every rasberry, ramp burn and road rash would burn HARD from the salty water. A true "cleansing" one might say. Another place we hit up was a local ditch/water thing they called "the bowl". That place was RAD! Lines all over and plenty of room.

Anyway... I could go on and on as I have a few stories I could tell about that crew. ;-) I will come back and add more words..but I couldn't wait any longer to get these pix online.---Wes

al spent some time in ann arbor around 1989? andrecht at the babylon ramp

al in his backyard - rebel ramp channelplant

a more recent al at NMB

al andrechts at home - rebel ramp frontside al al's first ramp - 1982 al grinds at ramphouse al flows at rasta

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ollie to grinds are sooo fine

al's signature tuck knee invert

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dave tuck channels in babylon

dave spent some time in georgetown