tony applies heavy pressure to his Powell deck

steve becker - 7 wheels out

To kill ALL bullshit rumours.. this is NOT Chris COOK as indicated on the inside cover. This is Rick at my barn ramp doing one of his signature smith grinds. The TRUTH has now been told.

MLB - invert at the Mishiwaka Ramp

kip pulls stylish frontside for the crew at oxford

kip in the deepend of endless summer lee jackson gets WAY frontside at adam's ramp another one of our portable quarter pipes trevor pops back in wes - barn ramp grind

Tony in Kzoo Chuck Treese frogs a BIG one! wes on his vert jeff martin HUCKS a backside air at Hadley's - 1985?

boys will be boys! jeff and david play with fireworks at hadley's

more pix to follow

tuck mutes an air at hadley's

rob dahl sweeps at oxford

trevor flows at the long gone CHP

trevor again ..this time grinding the shit out of some city

kenny skates everything

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