In spite of all rumors...YES.. jeff hadley once skated. Here he is doing a kickflip around 1983?

tuckman ready to smack the SHIT out of babylon

thomas at "skate escape"

wes at babylon

brian mank ollies to axle at the barn

tony c. layback varial at oxford brother al carter frontsides in south carolina trevor sidesteps a garbage can launch bill ferg skys a backside at davison kip boneless somewhere in the east

more pix soon

wes frontside at the barn ramp trevor will skate anything! wes pig flippin' tommy in a hectic layback footplant at oxford

rick summerfield flowin' in the west virginia surf

more pix to come

more pix to come

wes wheels at crystal house

wes frontside work at Hadley's

dave sweeps

trevor flows

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