"JUST FOR FUN" - Spring 1982

Ok.. the idea of doing a complilation of local music was NOT an original concept. Record companies like "Dischord" and "Touch and Go" had already given us such great comps as "Flex Your Head" and "Process of Elimination". What I wanted to do was try and get together all of us bands from Ann Arbor that were hanging out together and do our own comp. Basically the idea was that each band would get a few songs and a page about them to be part of a 'zine that went with the music. Media would be cassette.

JB had a role in this project in the sense of helping to come up with a list of bands to be on it. Oh the tapes ... most of the recordings were done on cheap, portable recorders. We are not talking anything high tech here. Each band made up a page with info about themselves. Stuff like song listings, maybe lyrics, pictures, random art, credits.. shit like that. The whole project was taking on a TRUE "anti commercial" feel.

The idea came up to have the project "sponsored" by one of the local 'zines that was being published at the time. "A2 Review" was the first choice. Alice even hints at the tape on page 9 of issue #4 of "A2 Review". That issue was published in December 1982. I really do not recall why the "sponsorship" changed. It might have been due to personal reasons between Alice and I. But anyway ...the sponsoring 'zine changed to "Isolated RAT Hearts". What IRH did was take all the band pages, make up a cover and get the 'zine printed. I handled the final mix(laugh) of the music and with some help, all the duplication of the tapes. A majority of the tapes were made on two cassette recorders that I borrowed from Matt Royston.

After stealing a few boxes of baggies from the store.. the comp was assembled while sitting in the living room of the "Truth House". One tape and one 'zine placed in a large ziplock bag. Very simple. I took a bunch of those up to School Kids Records where Lori Bizer worked. School Kids would sell DIY stuff on consignment. That was way cool to have that outlet right in town. So anyway .. I go back to Schools Kids a few days later and to my surprize EVERY copy had sold! In fact.. Lori said they all sold in 2 days. I was shocked. I took the money and used it to buy beer for a party. I considered the "Just For Fun" project a total success.

For the record, School Kid's was the ONLY place that sold these tapes. The compliation was NEVER released or distributed by anyone else. Now... one might ask, "Why didn't Local CHAOS sponsor the project?". Thats simple. Local CHAOS wasn't published at that time. Now that this complilation was done I could start my next project... a 'zine about us local skateboarders.---Wes

OK... On with the MUSIC! Below are the bands and their songs. Click on any song to begin the download. All music files are in MP3 format.

the vandal song
progeria victim
i'm so sick

ground zero
kill 'em all
more info on this band

fuck the system
i hate school
we fight back
the service

"live at the liberty loft"

the game song
child abuse

ode to sid vicious
general vardox

empty promises