There is going to be so many pictures... I'm not sure where to begin. I thought about dividing them up into sections based on years. Then I thought maybe sections based on the various Ramps we skated. Most of these pix were taken between 1980 and 1993. Naw... "sections", "rules" and all that can just BUGGER OFF!
This is CHAOS...Here are the pix!
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Adam at Chaos

Wes gets a little "edgy"

Chaos Quarter - Summer of 1983

Tommy at Chaos

Jerm in better days

Wes on top of his ramp Ron Kevari!! with Jamie (Dismissle) and Jon (Ground Zero) in background Lee Jackson attack! coming off a twisted rock and roll Batman dog drops into the 'plaza MLB at the "Chaos Street Rage" going BIG off a bench

no pix just yet

Tuck freestyles in MLB Adam - car drop Martin (RIP) bench lipslide at speed Trevor doing what Trevor does best

Derick on HIS ramp. Fulmer, Westside Ann Arbor

Keith Claunch learns to fakie

Kip thrusts frontside

Ken Nelson

Wes frontside frog fuck style

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