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Wes at Mark's Ramp

David Tuck at Vet's

Wes - Vet's

Tuck frontside over the channel at Vet's

Jeff Martin - Invert at Hadley's

Brad from the Northville Crew checks out Jeff Martin's frontside air Rob Dahl drops into happier times at Hadley's Tony Custodio FLAPS an Andrecht Tuck Floats backside at Hadley's Wes, frontside at Hadley's

Jeff and Trevor on deck watch Wes lip slip Jeff Martin Frontside Agression Wes, layback at Hadley's Curtis, early release at Hadley's

MLB invert at Hadley's

Tony stuffs a footplant at Hadley's

Trevor gets laidback at Hadley's

Hadley's Framework

SHRED-A-MANIA! 1986? - Hadley's Ramp - Ypsilanti, Michigan

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