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Brian from Indiana caught in the wave

Brian again grabs the nose

Tony sails Indy off the 4' vert extention

Trevor in a highspeed grind

Wes tucked up stylish on the big vert

Wes, BUTTshot indyair at the Barn Ed Morris drove up from Delphos to blast big frontside airs. Fergy flies frontside at the outlaw Davison ramp Chris Moore in the deepend at Endless Summer Tuck fucks up the XXXX pool

Wes in Holly, Michigan - highspeed tailslide David fucks up Crystal House Wes, bert at the Gilbratar bank Wes, lapper hangup at Hadley's

Bill Ferguson at Endless Summer

Tom Boyle draps an invert at "Skate Escape" in Hartland, Michigan

Neil Blender at Cab's ramp in San Jose, Ca

Steve from Toronto.

Trevor at the Barn RAMP

Wes at Endless Summer

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